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Probabilistic Programming - An Overview

My current academic endeavors are in the field of probabilistic programming. I will wok this area until roughly June 2017. In the end it should hopefully translate to a thesis.

This document is my public working document. It indexes my public writings about my studies and work while it also provides a structure on what I am doing.

If you wan to follow my work there are a couple of ways. I will tweet on my Twitter every time I release new articles. So start following me :-) ! Otherwise this page will be updated with any new information. So saving a link to this post is also an option.

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Blog Articles

To develop anything new, we need to know what new is. Here I index studies on existing systems and concepts.


Though applications is not strictly an academic necessity, it is kind of nice. My investigations of practical applications go here.


The thesis project is not fully decided yet. When it is, this section is devoted to linking resources and discussing the progress.


Following is the log on the project.